Manuscript Finding Aids

The Library houses over 750 manuscript collections covering a wide range of subject areas. Holdings range from a collection of about 40 third-century B.C. Egyptian papyri to papers of the co-discoverers of insulin: Banting, Best, Collip and Macleod; and finally to drafts, research notes, and correspondence of Canadian authors such as Margaret Atwood, Gwendolyn MacEwen, Leonard Cohen, Mazo de la Roche and Josef Skvorecky. The majority of our manuscript collections date from the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries and pertain to Canadian historical, literary, artistic or scientific fields. Collections of personal papers are listed by the surname of the creator or collector, e.g. Birney, Earle. Institutional records are listed under the name of the institution, e.g. Royal Canadian Institute. Collection level records for many of the manuscript collections appear in the on-line catalogue, along with links to finding aids in pdf format.
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  • Typescript of translation, by H.H. Langton, of Sagard-Theodat's history of Canada from 1615-1630.

    Papers, [193-]. 2 boxes.

  • Collection of materials relating to the labour movement in Canada.

  • Architectural drawings for various projects, photographs of 8 projects.

    Drawings, 1828-1866. 1 box, 1 volume, 46 drawings in mapcase.

  • Includes professional correspondence regarding film and writing projects; professional travel for film festivals/premieres of projects; drafts of his forthcoming novel ‘Radius Islamicus’, with reader’s comments; and other material.

    Papers, [197-]-2015. 12 boxes.

  • Contains newspaper clippings and photographs related to Byrne Hope Sanders's career as a writer and businesswoman.

    Papers, 1920-1986. 2 boxes.

  • Drafts of writing; proofs; works published in periodicals and anthologies; correspondence; editorial work and other files. 

    Papers, 1975-2015. 12 boxes. 

  • Correspondence, documents and other material related to the activities of Satin and the Toronto Anti-Draft Programme; Vietnam War resisters; the Manual for Draft-Age Immigrants to Canada.

    Papers, 1957-[200-]. 2 boxes.

  • Two volumes containing an unpublished manuscript by Miriam Saville titled: ‘I Wanted to Be a Nurse.’ Story details Saville’s life, including her diabetes diagnosis and treatment. Miriam Saville was a diabetic patient treated by Dr. Charles Best in the late 1920s/early 1930s when she was about thirteen years old, see mention of Dr. Best (“Dr. Charles”) on page 5 of both the holograph journal and typed version. 

    Papers, [192-]-[193-]. 1 box. 

  • Photographs of early Toronto, and its prominent citizens.

    Papers, [185-]-1882. 5 boxes. 

  • Correspondence, Christmas cards, drawings, original lino-cuts, printer and proofs, clippings.

    Collection of Thoreau MacDonald, 1924-1977. 3 boxes.

  • Research materials, manuscripts and galleys for an unpublished book on 20th century Jewish artists in Europe. The research materials include correspondence with more than 120 Jewish artists, many of whom perished during World War II.

    Papers, 1929-1973. 176 boxes and items.

  • Production files for his theatrical productions in Toronto.

    Papers, 1981-1986. 61 boxes and items.

  • Correspondence, notebooks, unpublished novel.

    Papers, 1896-1946. 6 boxes. Microfilm.

  • Scrapbook of insurance underwriters’ reports and records, fire reports, original news clippings and photographs, and other miscellaneous material on various North American conflagrations, including the Toronto fire of 1904.

    1904-1918. 2 oversize boxes (76 pages).

  • Professional and personal papers pertaining to the life and career of Shyam Selvadurai. These papers contain extensive material on the novels of Selvadurai.

    Papers, 1956-2013. 56 boxes.

  • Includes correspondence, minutes, reports, memoranda and other material related to the Board of Directors and Shareholders of McClelland and Stewart, 1984-1985.

    Papers, 1984-1985. 1 box. 

  • Historical manuscripts relating to Australia, correspondence about book collection.

    Collection, 1670-1838. 6 boxes and items.

  • Includes early correspondence, travel, European horticultural materials, materials, photographic slides, and drafts of 150 Years of Canadian Beer Labels (2016).

    Papers, 1997-2016. 4 boxes. 

  • Includes drafts and notes for books. Poem drafts, early essays, course work from York University and literary correspondence, 1980s-2000s. 

    Papers, [1970s-2000s]. 21 boxes.

  • See: Ronald Peters Gift of the Lester Douglas Personal Archives of Earl Horter, Hans Foy, David Karfunkle and Barbara Shermund under R. 

  • Note: This collection has been transferred to Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library, University of Toronto.

  • Contains 13 photographs, of various Ukrainian-Canadian groups, events, and organizations from Ontario and Quebec.

    Photographs, 1939-1951. 2 boxes (OVS). 

  • Bound typescript of Shulman's The Pfeffenhauser Clock and collection of material relating to Julia Jarvis and her family.

    Papers, 1882-[1982?]. 3 boxes and items.

  • Published works (including Woman in Bronze, Underground, and Dinner at the End of the World); unpublished manuscript materials; juvenilia; correspondence; CBC Radio comedy sketch scripts; and materials from the Humber School for Writers including correspondence and transcriptions of author talks for a series called The Writing Life.

    Papers, 1960-2013. 30 boxes. 

  • Typescript and copies of typescript of a Novellae by rabbinic scholar Singer (1855-1930).

    Papers, [19--]. 8 boxes and 1 item.

  • Drafts of writings, correspondence, biographical materials.

    Papers, 1945-2010. 135 boxes.

  • Includes correspondence relating to Bertrand Russell, as well as other personal correspondence. 

    Papers, 1970-1992. 7 boxes. 

  • Drafts and clippings from her articles; correspondence and notes on authors whom she represented as a literary agent.

    Papers, 1962-2011. 136 boxes and items.

  • One-line-a-day farm diaries kept by William Smellie (1836-1919) of Glenelg Township, Ontario. Smellie’s handwritten diaries date from 1883 to 1916. 

    Papers, 1897-1916. 1 box.

  • Correspondence, notebooks, manuscripts by other writers for anthologies.

    Papers, 1924-1965. 5 boxes.

  • Correspondence with George William Curtis about Canadian-American relations.

    Papers, 1875-1887. 1 box.

  • Contents of a scrapbook and photo album (disbound) compiled by Sergeant Norman L. Smith during World War II. 

    Scrapbook, 1943-1946. [20] leaves and other items. 

  • Manuscripts, correspondence and related material.

    Papers, 1977-2011. 21 boxes.

  • Includes correspondence, typescript and holograph poem drafts, sketches and print either by or about the Scottish poet Sydney Goodsir Smith.

    Papers,1942-1975. 1 box.

  • Diaries, account books, typescripts of articles and speeches on industrial engineering.

    Papers, 1914-1960. 6 boxes.

  • Orderly book, account books, from Archibald McKillop, journals and letter-book from André Solandt, who settled in Quebec.

    5 items and boxes.

  • Drafts of work; correspondence with various writers; photographs; files from 1982-1984 (re: Writer-in-Residence program, Massey College). 

    Papers, 1982-2016. 25 boxes.

  • Notes, drafts for published and unpublished writings, notebooks, correspondence. (Note: Permisson required to access collection.)

    Papers, 1969-ongoing. 112 boxes (16 metres).

  • Drafts, typescripts and galleys for published and unpublished writings, correspondence.

    Papers, 1950s-2012. 49 boxes.

  • Correspondence, scrapbooks, photographs, clippings, ephemera.

    25 boxes.

  • Collection of Thoreau MacDonald papers (1917-1981) and others in the Canadian and Amercian art world in the 1920s. Also contains photographs, notebooks, and 66 film reels pertaining to travel.

    Papers,  1870-1989. 69 boxes and 66 film reels.

  • Daily bird journals, and research records on the American Robin and the Lincoln Sparrow.

    Papers, 1923-2000. 20 boxes.

  • Autographs, letters, photographs, and printed materials, chiefly Canadian.

    Collection. 7 boxes and items. Microfilm.

  • Letters by Lieutenant Laurence Norcop, 32nd Regiment, 1756-1769, to his father Laurence Norcop, and other related documents.

    Papers. 1 box.

  • Includes research (bulk of which are copies) and writings by Robert Stacey on John Reid, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Ezra Pound and Ronald Duncan; correspondence with Ronald Duncan; extensive writings by John Reid; photographs of Ronald Duncan and John Reid, and other research material.

    Papers, 1936-1999. 39 boxes.

  • Correspondence, photographs and financial records focusing on the activities of several members of the United Hetman Organization.

    Papers, 1937-84. 1 box.

  • Notes on fiction published in magazine, arranged by author. Does not contain the Star Weekly magazine.

    Card file, ca 193- -1973. 5 boxes.

  • Correspondence, diaries and documents pertaining to the Wrangel Island expedition.

    Papers, 1922-1925. 1 box.

  • Material associated with Alan Stein’s fine press imprint Church Street Press.

    Papers, [199-]-2018. 42 boxes. 

  • Manuscripts, proofs, correspondence, writing for academic journals, teaching files and other material related to his life and work as a Jungian analyst and psychotherapist. 

    Papers, 1979-2016. 26 boxes.

  • Israel/Palestine, ca. 1900.
  • Collection of correspondence between Kathleen Crowe and Angelica Balabanoff.

    Collection, 1940-1963. 1 box.

  • Collection consists of detailed letters written by Kathleen ‘Doy’ Stewart, primarily to her parents, with some letters written to her brothers and friends, while traveling in Europe from October 1928 to August 1929, with her friend Kathleen Sutton.

    Papers, 1928-[1930]. 2 boxes.

  • Contains extensive research, drafts and notes for work on Dr. Norman Bethune, as well as prints and photographs of Norman Bethune and Bethune memorabilia. 

    Collection, 1927-2014. 68 boxes and mapcase.

  • Lectures, in the hand of George Niven, on hydrostatics and optics.

    Papers, 1865. 1 box.

  • Margaret Sarah Stollmeyer collection of Derek Walcott watercolours and drawings. See: Walcott, Derek (MS Coll. 772)

    Papers, 2 boxes. [1970s]. 

  • Manuscript drafts for plays, novels and other writing; correspondence; photographs; juvenilia; and other personal and professional files. 

    Papers, 1953-2015. 88 boxes.  

  • Typescript, manuscript and Stupart's journal from the H.M. Sloop Victor, East India Station.

    Papers, 1836-1845. 3 items.

  • Notes, research material, drafts for published and unpublished works; correspondence relating to her writing, editing, and other activities; books from Gwendolyn MacEwen's library.

    Papers, 1975-ongoing. 108+ boxes and items.

  • Contains material relating to her career as a journalist, files relating to her published books, and other material relating to her life and work.

    Papers. 1939-2015. 13 boxes.

  • Material related to the life and work of Professor and poet George Swede. 

    Papers, [197-]-2012. 53 boxes.

  • Unpublished typescript of ‘The Parish House Murders’ by Kathleen Switzer, with added author Mrs. T. J. Brook. Date of creation most likely March 21, 1966. “77,500 words”, 310 leaves.

    Papers, 1966. 1 box.

  • Correspondence, photographs, publications related to the Ukrainian poet.

    Papers, 1939-82. 2 boxes.