Holding Seminars at Fisher

Seminar and teaching The Fisher Library's collections reflect the great diversity of teaching and research conducted at the University of Toronto and we welcome University of Toronto faculty, instructors and graduate students who wish to make use of our unique resources to augment their own teaching. By scheduling a course or single class in the Fisher Library, students have the opportunity to acquaint themselves with texts in the form in which their first audiences encountered them, and to better understand the cultural, literary and historical landscape out of which they arose.

The Library has two seminar rooms which can be booked by calling the Reference Desk at 416-978-5285, or e-mailing us at fisher.library@utoronto.ca. The Maclean Hunter Room is suitable for groups up to 20; the smaller room on the 4th floor can accommodate no more than 10.

There are two options available for conducting seminars in the Fisher Library:

  • Instructors may conduct the session by selecting materials from our collections previous to class. The instructor is responsible for the security of the materials, and for ensuring that their students are aware of the procedures governing the use of materials in the Library. A copy of the procedures for holding seminars will be made available at the time of making your booking.
  • The instructor may request that one of the Fisher Library's subject specialists conduct a session, in conjuction with the instructor, in order to introduce a particular body of work to a group of students.