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Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library

120 St. George Street, 2nd Floor
Toronto, Ontario Canada M5S 1A5


Mon-Fri - 9am-5pm
Sat, Sun - Closed

Please note: We will be closed from August 20 to August 31, 2018, and reopening on Tuesday September 4, 2018.

Current Exhibition

Image of a woman teaching along with a radio cooking show on the cover of Maclean's
Tue, May. 22, 2018 to Fri, Aug. 17, 2018
This exhibition takes a look at how the culinary culture of Toronto and surrounding areas was made and shaped by those who participated in or were excluded from the making and using of culinary materials. A feast of rare material is on display!

What's new at Fisher

Home Cook Book cover

The audio of the segment featuring co-curators Liz Ridolo and Irina Mihalache is available online to stream. It can be found by visiting the Fisher's web site.

First page from the June 2018 issue of the Halcyon

The June 2018 issue of the Friends of the Fisher is available as a downloadable PDF. This issue focuses on recent purchases made by the library.

Featured Collection

Image from La Farsa
La Farsa was a weekly literary magazine devoted to publishing the most popular plays represented in Spanish theatres in the years prior to the Spanish Civil War.


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Fisher Audio

This lecture, delivered by Erik Kwakkel, book historian at Leiden University, the Netherlands, shows what the medieval world of the commercial book looked like.
Tuesday, March 15, 2016