Fisher Monthly Exhibition
Poster featuring an image of a skeleton and a woman in black by Edward Gorey

On display: A Very Gorey Halloween

Mon, Oct. 02, 2017 to Tue, Oct. 31, 2017

Edward St. John Gorey (1925-2000) was an American writer, illustrator, playwright, and set and costume designer. Noted for his dark humour and gothic sensibility, Gorey’s distinctive pen-and-ink drawings famously depicted narratives in Victorian and Edwardian settings. Since his first publication, The Unstrung Harp (1953), his unique illustrations have garnered a large cult following that remains active to this day.


This display explores the world of Edward Gorey from a selection of books, pamphlets, and ephemera on the themes of murder, mystery, theatricality, animals, creatures, and death. Some of the highlighted works include The Gashlycrumb Tinies : or, After the Outing (1963), an abecedarian book which tells the tale of 26 children (each representing a letter of the alphabet) and their untimely deaths in rhyming dactylic couplets accompanied by illustrations; and The Tunnel Calamity (1984), a free-standing tunnel book; as well as a selection of tarot cards and plush toys from the collection.


This display was curated by David Fernandez Natalya Rattan, and Philippe Mongeau, and installed by Linda Joy