Fisher Monthly Exhibition
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Ludos Ludere: Games to Play

Wed, Feb. 01, 2017 to Tue, Feb. 28, 2017

Games are an integral part of all human culture. They are played throughout recorded history from ancient Mesopotamia to the present. Games are interactive experiences based on rules. They can include indoor and outdoor games, board games, card games, interactive fiction, pen and paper games, and electronic games. Throughout all of these genres, games capture the worldviews and values of their creators for future generations to play. At the Fisher Library, we have a small collection of printed games and literature about games. Most of our material focuses on card games, which became relatively accessible from the fifteenth onwards as cheap-print production became more common. Other material provides descriptions of indoor and outdoor games as societies began to document their local games. Games are a part of everyday life, and this exhibit showcases a few of the playable games at our library.