Fisher Monthly Exhibition

On Display: Engravers & Lithographers in 19th Century Toronto

Thu, Jun. 01, 2017 to Fri, Jun. 30, 2017


Illustrations in the nineteenth century were an essential component of a wide variety of printed material, just as they remain important for publications today. Engraving and lithography were among the most common processes of illustration which required skilled artistry and unique presses. Many of the illustrations on display used a variety of techniques, from engraving on wood and copper, to lithography typically done on stone or metal. These materials have been selected from the collections at the Thomas Fisher Library to demonstrate a range of work done by engravers and lithographers active in Canada between 1820 and 1885. Based on an exhibit originally mounted in 1980, Engravers and Lithographers in 19th Century Canada, these items shift the focus to output from and about the city of Toronto specifically.
Advertisements, periodicals, almanacs, directories, maps, farm catalogues and books highlighting the picturesque qualities of Toronto, are just some of the types of materials on display that were published in this time period, relying heavily on engraving and lithography for their imagery.

Exhibition curated by Samantha Bellinger, installation by Linda Joy.

Captions based on 1980 exhibit