Fisher Monthly Exhibition
Portrait of author Julia Wilmotte Henshaw

On display: Canadian Women Authors

Sat, Jul. 01, 2017 to Thu, Aug. 31, 2017

For the months of July and August the Fisher's Monthly display theme is Canadian women authors.
The portraits are from a collection of photographs of over forty Canadian women writers, most of whom lived and published in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Their portraits are displayed alongside their published works, providing a glimpse into the diverse and vibrant literary culture of early Canada.
Canada. The authors wrote across the genres and their collective works include novels, poetry, plays, essays, newspaper columns, textbooks, field-guides, biographies, and histories.
Many of the women were also very active in their literary communities; some contributed to and edited periodicals such as Macleans and the Canadian Home Journal, while others were founding members of the Canadian Women’s Press Club.

The text and material for this mini-exhibit was prepared by Helen Thomas, and the display was installed by Conservator Linda Joy