Vesalius Catalogue Wins Prestigious Award

Vesalius at 500 catalogue cover

Vesalius at 500, the catalogue that accompanied last year's popular exhibition that marked the five-hundreth anniversary of the birth of one of the great figures in the history of medicine, Andreas Vesalius, won the prestigious ACRL/RBMS Katherine Keyes Leab and Daniel J. Leab Exhibition Award for 2015. It won in the Division Two (moderately expensive) category.

According to David Faulds, chair of the RBMS Exhibition Awards committee and curator of rare books and literary manuscripts at the University of California-Berkeley, the committee found the catalogue "to be well written and designed, and predicted that it will be used as a scholarly resource on Vesalius for years to come. The unusual tall and narrow format and well reproduced images, including some on useful foldouts, helped showcase the famous illustrations from Vesalius' most famous work, the landmark work on human anatomy De humani corporis fabrica."

The catalogue was written by Fisher Librarian Philip Oldfield, and designed by Stan Bevington of Coach House Press. The award will be presented at the RBMS (Rare Books & Manuscripts Section) Conference in Oakland, California, this June.

This is the fifth time the Fisher has been recognized by the ACRL/RBMS. Its last win was for the exhibition catalogue Commentary: an Exhibition of Work by Sylvia Ptak in 2005.