Reference Assistance - Scanning

While the Fisher Library remains closed to the public due to community efforts to curb the spread of Covid-19, we are offering limited online services to researchers, including reference assistance. We can provide researchers with free copies of items from our collections within the following guidelines:

  • The researcher must be able to clearly identify what specific material they need from the collection.
  • Staff will be available for research consultations by email or phone to assist in identifying material, within the limits imposed by working from home. For assistance, please send an e-mail to our general e-mail account, or consult our staff directory for specific subject expertise.
  • When possible, staff will direct researchers to currently available on-line digital resources.
  • Each copy request is limited to 50 pages of a PDF scan -or- 5 high resolution scans.
  • Researchers will be limited to two requests in a four-week period.
  • Materials must be requested using the webform below.
  • Copies will be sent via email using Dropbox or another file sharing program.

Please note that the turnaround time will will depend on the number of requests received, but we will try to complete orders within two weeks of submission.

In some cases, we may discover reasons why a particular item cannot be copied, such as its physical condition or format. Many of our rare books would be excluded in the current phase to avoid damaging the item.

Those wishing to have digital images taken from modern archival collections must first consult with the Director, Loryl MacDonald at

The reproduction of archival and published materials is subject to the stipulations of Canadian copyright laws.