Radicals and Revolutionaries: The History of Canadian Communism from the Robert S. Kenny Collection

ISBN 0772760268 , 67 pages, $5.00 | Ref. #7012

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Radicals and Revolutionaries explores a significant yet neglected area in Canadian history-the experiences of the radical workers' movement and the Communist Party of Canada. Although a minority current on the Canadian political scene, at key points the radical movement posed a pointed challenge to the established order. Within that section of the socialist movement which openly identified itself as revolutionary, the CPC clearly predominated. It was instrumental in building the industrial union movement and played a key role in many of the major strikes of this century. In the social upheavals of the 1930s and 1940s, its influence extended far beyond its numbers. The exhibition and catalogue are by guest curator, Sean Purdy, a Queen's University historian, and includes a brief biographical sketch of Robert S. Kenny by Tom Reid. The catalogue won a first place award from the Rare Books and Manuscripts Sections of the American Library Association.