New Acquisition: A Meruaylous Discourse vpon the Lyfe, Deedes, and Behauiours of Katherine de Medicis, Queene Mother

This new Fisher acquisition is a very rare copy of a book attributed to Henri Estienne (1528-1598), the great French Protestant printer who left his home in Paris to set up operations in Geneva where he could practice his trade and faith in relative peace. His feelings about the dowager Queen of France are neatly summarized in the book’s subtitle: "vvherin are displayed the meanes vvhich she hath practised to atteyne vnto the vsurping of the kingedome of France, and to the bringing of the estate of the same vnto vtter ruine and destruction."

This English edition appeared three years after the St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre, whose instigation is traditionally credited to Catherine de Medici. There are only two other copies of this book known in public libraries.

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