Great and Manifold: A Celebration of the Bible in English

King James Bible title page
ISBN 978-0-7727-6105-7, 148 pages, $30.00 | Ref. #7057

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The title of this exhibition, ‘Great and Manifold’, is drawn from the opening words of the dedicatory preface of the King James Bible of 1611, which offer hearty thanks for the succession of the Stuart King to the throne of England. As important as that event was to the life of the nation, the main concern of the translators was to remind the King that the Word was still living and active, an ‘inestimable treasure which excelleth all the riches of earth’. ‘Great and manifold’ have been the ways in which the English Scriptures have appeared for almost half a millennium now – and not only the Church, but the home, law courts, theatre, and literature are the beneficiaries. The exhibition is curated by Pearce Carefoote of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library.

Please view the video below (or click on this link to access it from the Fisher's YouTube channel) to learn more about this exhibit. It is narrated by the curator P.J. Carefoote.