Fisher Online Resources

We recognize this is a trying time for all members of the Fisher Library community, from students to researchers to our Friends of Fisher. While we will remain physically closed for the foreseeable future, all of our digital content is freely available to all. 

Digital Collections

Anatomical head imageThe Fisher local digital collections were developed here at the University of Toronto in collaboration with the staff of Collection Digitization and Information Technology Services Department. All of our local digital collections provide page images, enhanced indexing features, and the capability to conduct full text searching on the contents of the documents themselves. All the collections can be found via this link

More Digital Collections

Portrait of General James Wolfe Manuscripts For the past few years, the Fisher has been adding increased digital content via our Fisher Collections page, an initiative developed at the University of Toronto in collaboration with library departments, university faculty, and external partners. The Fisher's main Collections page can be found via this link. The entire UofT Collections content can be found via this link.


In order to make our bound manuscripts more accessible, the Fisher has been undertaking an effort to digitize our manuscript collection. These digital scans are high-quality images, enabling users to interact with them "virtually" as close to the page as possible. These manuscripts can be found on our Fisher Collections site via this link

Internet Archive

The Fisher has been actively working with the Internet Archive to digitize a portion of our print holdings. It currently holds almost 23,000 items. You can access Fisher content on the Internet Archive via this link

Fisher on Flickr

CoplandlabelfromfisherThe library has been scanning and uploading material to Flickr in an attempt to provide wider access to some of our unique materials. You can explore all the different albums we've created via this link