On Display: Celebrating 50 Years of the University of Toronto Archives, 1965-2015

The history of the University of Toronto Archives has not been written, but there is a great deal to write about. In lieu of this and to celebrate the past half-century, the staff of the Archives have selected some favoured, but rarely seen, items for display this month. They are drawn from the University’s administrative records; the personal records of faculty, staff, and students; non-administrative bodies such as faculty organizations, student societies and clubs; and the Archives’ extensive holdings of printed, graphic, and sound and image material.

The passage of almost 200 years, with its intellectual ferment and discovery, students pushing the boundaries of authority and creativity, and social and political change, have combined to create a very rich and colourful University history. This history also includes bits and pieces of the activities of other societies and individuals that, though deliberate act or happenstance, have found their way to this Archives.  The items on display hint at the breadth and depth of our holdings and invite viewers in to take a closer look. 

This exhibition is curated by Harold Averill, Barbara Edwards, Marnee Gamble, Tys Klumpenhouwer, Loryl MacDonald and Karen Suurtamm.