Book History and Print Culture

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This exhibition at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library was undertaken to commemorate the founding of the Collaborative Program in Book History and Print Culture, whose first classes began in September 2000. The items chosen, ranging from a 1789 B.C. Babylonian clay tablet to a manuscript of Margaret Atwood, from the collections of the Fisher Library and from the Library of Massey College, the home of the Collaborative Program, combine interesting and important titles with the many different methods used to convey their texts. The catalogue descriptions point out the physical details of each object providing the basis for an historical understanding of the book, and its role in cultural history. Prepared by a collaborative team of Sandra Alston, Anne Dondertman, Marie Korey, Richard Landon and Philip Oldfield, with contributions from Luba Frastacky, Edna Hajnal, and Jennifer Toews, the catalogue was edited by Marie Korey, Richard Landon and Philip Oldfield.