The Fisher Library's manuscript collection includes approximately thirty manuscript cookbooks, including items from England, Canada, Ireland, Germany, and Italy. These culinary manuscripts can provide insight into the reading, household management, and social activities of women as well as being a window into culinary trends of their time.

Many of these culinary manuscripts have been digitized and made available on our collections platform under 'Manuscripts.'  

"Cookery image"

There are a number of cookbooks and domestic manuals in our science and general collections, as well as our dedicated culinary collection, consisting of mostly Canadian and British cookbooks and culinary ephemera from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, which can be searched using the call number 'cook' or subject headings 'cooking' or 'cookery'.

The Fisher also holds several hundred Canadian menus which can be found under call number T-10 00100 with a finding aid located here.

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