Hardware Merchandising and C. W. Jefferys

Hardware merchandising image, 1914C. W. Jefferys (1869-1951) was a Canadian artist, illustrator, teacher, and historian. He is best known for the artistic nationalism of his paintings of Canada landscapes and for his historical illustrations of textbooks like The Picture Gallery of Canadian History (1942). But Jefferys was also an accomplished newspaper artist and muralist, ahd his commercial work appeared in numerous daily newspapers like The Star and Globe and Mail, and in the special issues of Hardware Merchandising.

Hardware Merchandising is the latest Maclean Hunter publication to be digitized by the Fisher Library in partnership with Internet Archive. Established in 1888, this weekly subscription newspaper was devoted to the hardware, metal, and plumbing trades in Canada. Hardware Merchandising features classified ads for products and services, articles about industry topics, market quotations and market notes, as well as "hardware trade gossip".

Book illustrators and designers, along with researchers in Canadiana, will encounter a source of inspiration in the industrial illustrations and designs showcased in Hardware Merchandising and other Canadian trade journals already part of the Fisher Library digital collections.

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Images from Jefferys’s works featured in Hardware Merchandising can be seen below.

Hardware merchandising image, 1912  Hardware merchandising image, 1913