The Robert S. Kenny Collection

Robert Kenny was an avid collector of books, periodicals, pamphlets and ephemera related to Marxism and other forms of  left-wing radicalism. Kenny, who served as the semi-official archivist for the Communist Party of Canada, assembled a significant manuscript collection of Canadian materials. While he took a particular interest in Canada, his collection, which he donated to the Fisher Library, also includes substantial holdings of American, Irish and British publications, as well as representative selections of materials from a wide variety of other countries.

The Kenny Collection has been augmented by contributions from many other donors, including William Kashtan (former head of the CPC) and Peter Weinrich (whose chief interest was anarchism).

The collection also includes a number of oral interviews conducted in the 1990s with leftist activists ranging from Kenny's Communist Party comrades, to participants in other, generally more marginal, formations in Canada and the U.S. It also includes an interview with a leading guerrilla fighter in the Salvadoran FMLN of the 1980s.

Over the next several months, we will begin to offer these oral histories via the Fisher's SoundClound account.


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