A-Z Index - Manuscript Finding Aids

The Library houses over 750 manuscript collections covering a wide range of subject areas. Holdings range from a collection of about 40 third-century B.C. Egyptian papyri to papers of the co-discoverers of insulin: Banting, Best, Collip and Macleod; and finally to drafts, research notes, and correspondence of Canadian authors such as Margaret Atwood, Gwendolyn MacEwen, Leonard Cohen, Mazo de la Roche and Josef Skvorecky. The majority of our manuscript collections date from the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries and pertain to Canadian historical, literary, artistic or scientific fields.

Collections of personal papers are listed by the surname of the creator or collector, e.g. Birney, Earle. Institutional records are listed under the name of the institution, e.g. Royal Canadian Institute.

Collection level records for many of the manuscript collections appear in the on-line catalogue, along with links to finding aids in pdf format.

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Macauley, Thomas.

1815-1858. 1 box. 

A collection of eleven letters and notes written by Thomas Babington Macaulay, 18001859, between 1815 and 1858 to his family and friends.

MacDonald, Flora Denison see Denison, Flora MacDonald, 1867-1921

MacDonald, Thoreau.

Papers, 1905-1984. 29 boxes and items.

Drawings and designs, correspondence, biographical materials; notebooks and diaries.

MacDougall, James Brown.

Papers, [1917-1946]. 1 box.

Notes, manuscripts for writings, and clippings on gold mines and mining in Canada.

MacEwen, Gwendolyn, 1941-1987.

Papers, 1955-1987. 40 boxes and items.

Notes, drafts and manuscripts for published and unpublished writings, designs and drawings, correspondence, business records, printed appearances, biographical materials; photographs, posters, memorabilia.

MacLennan, Hugh, 1907-.

Papers, 1930-1962. 1 box.

Typescripts with holograph notes for Barometer Rising, "Requiem" published as The Watch that Ends the Night, and Seven Rivers of America.

MacNab, Allan Napier, Sir, 1798-1862.

Papers, 1801-[1900?] 23 boxes. Microfilm of boxes 1-20.

Legal and business papers, correspondence.

Mansfield Woodhouse Collection.

Ranging in date from the 13th century to 19th century, this collection contains a large number of indentures, wills, marriage contract and military commissions that pertain to a small group of families whose ancestral home was in the manor town of Mansfield Woodhouse in Nottinghamshire, England.

Manuscript Fragments.

Pieces of manuscripts taken from various sources as examples of handwriting. 1 box.

Marbois, Jock De.

Papers, date unknown. 1 box.

Two versions of de Marbois' autobiography, and six letters relating to his naval career in World War II.

Markstein, Francis.

Papers, 1945-1991. 12 boxes.

Manuscripts for poems, essays, and translations, in English, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish languages.

Marom, Malka.

Papers, 1961-2014. 186 boxes and items (27 metres); 593 audio reels with 295 cassettes (14 metres).

Collection of research notes, interviews, manuscript drafts and other material relating to her first novel, Sulha; material documenting her work as a world musician; tapes, films, videos, drafts, notes and scripts relating to her work as an international documentary radio and film maker; correspondence with family and friends.

Martin, Chester, 1882-1958.

Papers, 1687-1950. 24 volumes. 

Bound volumes of archival reproductions, transcripts and other miscellaneous papers.

Martin, Ruth, 1908-1996.

Papers, [1868-1975?]. 3 boxes.

Typed transcripts from printed texts, private papers notes, interviews, and photographs and post cards that give the social history of the Lake of Bays area.

Martin, William S., 1858-1932.

Papers, 1858-1932. 14 items and boxes.

Notebooks, diaries, account books, memoranda books associated with Martin or his family.

Mason, Charles.

Papers, 1890-1891. 1 box.

Transcript and translation of Le Roman de Rou.

Massey Collection of Manuscripts.

2 boxes and items.

Mavor, James, 1854-1925.

Papers, 1862-1925. 78 boxes and items.

Correspondence, including editorials for the Scottish Art Review, notes and drafts for articles and books, notebooks, scrapbooks, photographs. Microfilm of scrapbooks.

Mazierski, David.

Drawings, 1965-ongoing. 288+ drawings.

Collection of anatomical drawings for his books and lectures.

McCormack, Derek.

Papers, 1995-2008. 22 boxes.

Contains manuscript drafts of novels; material relating to chapbooks; notebooks; anthologies; and newspaper and magazine articles Derek McCormack has contributed to.

McCracken, Lorna.

Collection of literary papers, 1909-1965. 1 box.

Correspondence from John Galsworthy, W.W. Jacobs, Blanch Patch, Helen Waddell, manuscript of Galsworthy's The Pigeon; photographs.

McFee, Oonah.

Papers, 1963-2002. 7 boxes.

Manuscripts, research notes, correspondence related to her published and unpublished material.

McGahern, Patrick.

Papers, 1888-2012. 50 boxes. 

Administrative records from the antiquarian book store, Patrick McGahern Books in Ottawa, Ontario, also known as both The Book Boutique and Patrick and Liam McGahern Books. Also contains a collection of nineteenth and twentieth-century bookseller's catalogues. 

McInnes, Simon.

Papers, 1972-1999. 1 box. 

Includes correspondence from Mavis Gallant to Joan McInnes, 1970s-1990s. See also: Gallant, Mavis

McKay, Don.

Papers, 1954-2016. 65 boxes.

Manuscript drafts for both published and unpublished material, editorial correspondence, reading and lecture notes.

McKone, Barclay.

Papers, 1946-1993. 1 box. 

Contains manuscripts for McKone’s books: Moose Factory Indian Hospital, Eastern Arctic Medical and X-Ray Survey 1955, Dr. Barclay McKone - Life as a Medical Doctor since Graduation from U of T; and drafts and published versions of articles: A post sanatorium institution for rehabilitation in Tuberculosis (1946) and Rehabilitation of the Tuberculosis veteran western counties veterans' lodge, London, Ontario (1948). 

McLuhan, Marshall, 1911-1980.

Papers, [196-]-1990. 34 boxes.

Research and draft materials for the book The Laws of Media and related correspondence. [Index to the Marshall McLuhan Library]

McMurrich, J.P (James Playfair), 1859-1939.

Papers, [192?-193?]. 8 boxes.

Notes and manuscript drafts for McMurrich's unpublished book, The History of Anatomy.

McNeil, J.A., 1876-1964.

Papers, 1927-1942. 1 box.

Photos, manuscript notes and ephemera relating to Gilbert and Sullivan, and especially to the tour of the D'Oyley Carte Company across Canada.

McPhail, Alexander James, 1883-1931.

Papers, 1920's-1930's. 1 box.

Correspondence, reports, notes, diaries chiefly concerning western wheat marketing. Microfilm.

McRuer, James Chalmers.

Collection of diaries and papers. 2 boxes.

Diaries, and 1953 Coronation memorabilia.

Melzack, Louis.

Collection of Canadian historical documents, 1697-1949. 49 boxes and items.

Metcalf, John.

Papers, 1990-2017. 110 boxes. 

Contains manuscripts and correspondence with various authors; editing files; Humber School for Writers - teaching and mentoring files; as well as Metcalf's writing, journals, photographs and other material related to his life and work.


Mill Project.

149 boxes and items.

Collection of papers used in preparing the collectied edition of the works of John Stuart Mill (1806-1873); includes editorial correspondence, editorial committee minutes and reports.

MillAr, Jay.

Papers, 1986-2006. 25 boxes.

Contains drafts, manuscripts, correspondence and other material pertaining to the life, education, poetry, and published work of Jay MillAr. Also includes material from the two literary presses – Boondoggle Books (1992-1997) and Book*hug (1997-) – that he founded and operates.

Miller Family Collection.

Papers, 1900-2017. 13 boxes. 

Includes Ontario and Toronto ephemera and materials from family businesses, including an Ontario lumber mill and a Toronto lithographic printing company. Also includes materials related to Roger Miller’s teaching career in Ontario in the late 20th century, Frederic William Miller’s advertising career in Chicago and Montreal in the early-mid-20th century, and the 1929-1931 Arctic expeditions of John C. Rogers.

Miller, G.M. and W.J.

Collection, 1883-1952. 1301 plans in 2 mapcases, 8 vols, 8 boxes.

Architectural drawings and other documentation for buildings designed by G.M. and W.J. Miller.

Miller, K.D. (Kathleen Daisy).

Papers, 1997-2005.

Files of correspondence with and about Richard Outram.

Miller, Scott and Dunlop Family Papers

Papers, 1885-1980.

Family photographs, drawings and etchings, letters and ephemera.

Millgate, Michael.

Papers, 1912-2009. 218 boxes.

Collection of papers, notes, correspondence for his biographies of Thomas Hardy, and his editing of Hardy correspondence.

Mills Family.

Papers, 1826-1920. 5 boxes.

Correspondence of William Mills (d.1848), an Anglican clergyman in Ireland, and diaries and papers of Samuel Dillon Mills, son, who emigrated to Ontario in 1864.

Milne Family.

Papers, 1797-1957. 9 boxes, 2 map folders.

Correspondence, land deeds, architectural plans and other family documents.

Mitchell, Charles Hamilton, 1872-1941.

Papers, 1920-1930. 4 boxes.

Correspondence, reports, minutes concerning St. Lawrence Waterway project and an electric railway for Ontario.

Mitchell, John.

Papers, [195-?]. 1 box.

Part of the manuscript of Mitchell's last book, The Settlement of York.

Molnar, Ferenc and Lili Darvas Papers.

Papers, 1947-1957. 1 box. 

Includes correspondence and other print material related to Hungarian-American playwright and novelist Ferenc Molnar (1878-1952) and his legal wife, the actress Lili Darvas (1902-1974), with some letters addressed to Kati Rekai (1921-2010).

Montreal Tramways Company photographs.

Photographs, 1904-[193-]. 2 boxes.

Collection of photos of Montreal and Montreal Tramways Company.

Moore, Dora Mavor, 1888-1979.

Papers, 1904-1979. 191 boxes and items.

Correspondence, notes, family papers, annotated scripts, photographs, sketches for costumes and sets, scrapbooks, theatre programmes, clippings, tapes.

Morgan, John Hanley.

Morisse, Stanley.

Papers, 1897-1987. 6 boxes.

Includes personal and professional correspondence; personal photographs; official documents; receipts and invoices; typescript drafts of books; newspaper articles, passports, and cultural and political pursuits of activist, Stanley Morisse. 

Morley, Edna Lillian, 1891-1975.

Papers, 1917-1975. 6 boxes and items.

Personal and literary correspondence, notes, scrapbook.

Morrison, Hugh.

Collection of Edmund Blunden papers, 1932-1978. 1 box (28 letters and cards).

Correspondence and manuscripts.

Mudge, John George.

Papers, 1897-1908. 7 volumes in 3 boxes.

Diaries, with photographs and postcards detailing his life in Ireland and England, and his travels in Canada, 1907-1908.

Mulhallen, Karen.

Papers, 1988-2016. 603 boxes.

Literary papers, editorial notes, correspondence. Also includes interviews and correspondence with prominent Canadian authors, and manuscripts, and other editorial papers stemming from her work as an editor at Somerville House and as Editor-in-Chief of Descant.

Murakami, Mike.

Papers, 1915-2013. 10 boxes.

Contains printed matter from the National Association of Japanese Canadians (NAJC); clippings, books and pamphlets on Japanese Canadians and the redress movement; 6 video cassettes with redress-related content, and manuscript notebooks from Murakami’s grandmother (in Japanese).