A-Z Index - Manuscript Finding Aids

The Library houses over 750 manuscript collections covering a wide range of subject areas. Holdings range from a collection of about 40 third-century B.C. Egyptian papyri to papers of the co-discoverers of insulin: Banting, Best, Collip and Macleod; and finally to drafts, research notes, and correspondence of Canadian authors such as Margaret Atwood, Gwendolyn MacEwen, Leonard Cohen, Mazo de la Roche and Josef Skvorecky. The majority of our manuscript collections date from the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries and pertain to Canadian historical, literary, artistic or scientific fields.

Collections of personal papers are listed by the surname of the creator or collector, e.g. Birney, Earle. Institutional records are listed under the name of the institution, e.g. Royal Canadian Institute.

Collection level records for many of the manuscript collections appear in the on-line catalogue, along with links to finding aids in pdf format.

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Fairley, Margaret, 1885-1968.

Papers, 1952-1956. 5 boxes.

Research notes and drafts for New Frontiers, and an unpublished manuscript.

Fay, Charles Ryle, 1884-1961.

Papers, 1924-1956. 2 boxes.

Correspondence, notes, typescripts for writings.

Fearon, Rudyard, 1953-.

Papers, 1977-ongoing. 12 boxes.

Collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, print and ephemera.

Feasby, William R.

Papers, 1911-1970. 13 boxes.

Research materials, including transcripts of taped interviews with Charles Best for unpublished biography, drafts for other writings, correspondence.

Ferneyhough, Beatrice, 1908-.

Papers, 1971-97. 2 boxes.

Correspondence with Lil Greene, Robert Kenny, Ursula Herzberg, as well as material related to the life and work of Ferneyhough, including Singing in the Night.

Fidler, Peter, 1769-1822.

Journals of the fur-trader and surveyor.

Fielding, Joy, 1945-.

Papers, 1955-2010. 62 boxes.

Manuscripts drafts, correspondence, reviews and other material related to Fielding's work.

Finch, Robert, 1900-1995.

Papers, 1903-1995. 62 boxes.

Drafts and final manuscripts for published and unpublished writings, correspondence, and family papers of his grandfather and his sister.

Fisher Collection, 1890-1970.

Manuscripts and correspondence by English authors. 22 boxes.

Material by Norman Douglas, Lord Dunsany, Sidney H. Sime and Rudyard Kipling collected by Sidney T. and Charles Boddy Fisher.

Fleming Family Papers.

Papers, 1829-1943. 24 boxes and items.

Correspondence and business records concerning Niagara area.

Fleming, Archibald Lang, 1883-1953.

Papers, [193-?]-1973. 2 boxes.

Typescript of two unpublished books - Beyond the Artic Circle and Arctic Dawn - and related correspondence.

Flint, Betty M.

Papers, 1948-1995. 32 boxes.

Research materials and drafts for her books and articles.

Follett, Beth.

Papers, 1960-2013. 166 boxes.

Contains manuscripts, drafts, proofs, correspondence, reviews and other material related to Pedlar Press and the life and work of Beth Follett.

Forbes, James

Papers, 1640-1887. 4 boxes and 7 volumes.

Holograph notes on biblical texts, correspondence.

Foster, Kate Adele, 1881-[195?].

Collection of Council of Friendship records, 1932-1959. 7 boxes

Correspondence, notebooks, speeches, records of the Council.

Fothergill, Charles, 1782-1840.

Papers, 1795-1875. 53 boxes and items.

Correspondence, diaries, natural history notebooks for both England and North America, drawings, scrapbooks.

Foy, Hans.

See: Ronald Peters Gift of the Lester Douglas Personal Archives of Earl Horter, Hans Foy, David Karfunkle and Barbara Shermund under R. 

Frank, David.

Papers, 1978-1994. 13 boxes. 

Material related to Red Robin Press and the life and work of Mark and Marion Frank. 

French Theatre Collection, ca. 1840-1950.

24 boxes

Plays in manuscript and typescript, articles, clippings, reviews, photographs pertaining to theatre in the French language.

French, William.

Papers, 1960-1990. 78 boxes.

Correspondence with book reviewers and authors, drafts for reviews, column articles, lectures and speeches.

Frothingham, John.

Papers, 1810-1870. 1 box (12 diaries).

Detailed daily accounts of business activities and travel between Boston and Montreal.