Latest issue of The Halcyon now available

Cover of June 2019 issue of the Halcyon

The world's first gay magazine. The papers of the Niagara Falls Museum. A collection of over 3500 luggage labels. These are just three of the recent collections acquired by the Fisher over the past year that are chronicled in the latest issue of The Halcyon, the newsletter of the Friends of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library. The June 2019 issue also looks at other recent additions to the library, including Carlo Ruini's Anatomia Del Cavallo, which is the first illustrated printed book dedicated to the anatomy of the horse; two Spanish chronicles of the New World (one from 1535, the other 1632); Roger Ascham's book Toxophilus, which looks at the centrality of archery in English military and social history; and four major manuscript acquisitions, including a copy of Christiane de Pizan's Livre de Paix from the 15th century.

The issue is available at the library, or it can be downloaded (as a PDF) from the Fisher's web site via this link.

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The June 2019 issue of the Friends of Fisher newsletter looks at some of the library's most noteworthy purchases.