Between the Pillars

Inside the Fisher Library

Have you always wanted to know more about the Fisher Library’s vast and diverse holdings? Or maybe you’re curious about our staff? Well, here’s your chance!

The Fisher Library's video podcast series Between the Pillars was launched in October 2020. Every second Friday, at 12:30 pm, we livestream via the Fisher’s YouTube Channel a short conversation – around 15 or 20 minutes – between a staff member from the Fisher and John Shoesmith, the library’s Outreach Librarian. The conversations, which will be filmed in the library – filmed in the library, between our large pillars, naturally – are casual and relaxed, and based around a particular theme that showcase many of the library’s treasures. 

Don’t worry if you happen to miss the livestream. We’ll be posting them all on our YouTube Channel, as well as this page.

2020 Episodes

Oct. 23           
Michael Cassabon Margaret Atwood and The Handmaid’s Tale

Nov. 6 
Alexandra Carter Collecting Science and Medicine

Nov. 20           
Loryl MacDonald UofT and the Wars

Dec. 4 
David Fernández Collecting Latin Americana at the Fisher

Dec. 18
PJ Carefoote Christmas Treasures


Launching on Friday Oct. 23, learn more about the Fisher's collections and its staff in a relaxed and comfortable chat setting.