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Werner Pfeiffer (censor, villain, provocateur, experimenter): Book-Objects & Artist Books

Thu, Jan. 29, 2009 to Fri, May. 01, 2009

Tower Books by Werner Pfeiffer

This exhibition, the first travelling exhibit of the artist books and book-objects of Werner Pfeiffer, features 39 objects made by Pfeiffer using real books. He has "silenced" the books by gluing the pages together, while also adding ropes, nails, clamps and hooks. The intention is to comment on censorship and to provoke reactions from his audience. The exhibition also includes 8 of Pfeiffer’s artist books, a genre loosely defined as books wholly conceived of and produced as the vision of a single artist.

68 pages; $20.00 | Ref. #7051 - Note: This catalogue is available exclusively through Oak Knoll Books